Parkersburg South High School Solar System

Parkersburg South High School Solar System

PSHS Adds Student Designed Solar Energy System

323 Panel Solar Photovoltaic System Installed by Pickering Energy Solutions

This system was designed by students participating in the Energy and Power Program at Caperton Center for Applied Technology. These students worked for a year developing the economic model, laying out panels on the roof around other existing features, connecting the circuiting into the inverters, and finally witnessed the completed installation.

Students Design 113 kW Solar System

Chip Pickering speaks with students that toured the Parkersburg High School installation and then designed the Parkersburg South High School solar installation. They are from the Caperton Technology Center.

Drone Fly Over Video

See Parkersburg South High School and the Rod Oldham Athletic center from the sky as we fly over the campus highlighting the new 323 panel 113 kW solar energy system!

View Power Production Live

This system, comprising 323 solar panels, will provide approximately 113 kW of solar power which will offset a portion of the energy used in the building. We are expecting that this system will provide 50% of the energy used by the PSHS Athletic House in an average year. Click the panel image or link below to view the system live.

>View Live Production Now

More About the System

323 Solar Photovoltaic Panels, 113 kW

This system will produce approximately 140,000 kWH of power for the High School in an average year, which is the equivalent power used by 12.6 average American homes for a year, and will avoid the creation of 146 tons of CO2 per year. This is the equivalent of the roughly 119 acres of trees growing for a year. For reference, a ton of CO2 is the equivalent of burning 100 gallons of gas. The goal of this project is to install a power generation system which uses sunlight as the fuel. Direct sunlight provides power which provides for the building’s electrical needs.


Thanks for your support!

We would like to thank all of the partners involved in this project! The project team for this project included the Pickering Associates team for the design, engineering and construction management, Third Sun Solar for the DC design and construction support, and Pro1 Electric for the electrical installation.